Showcased a System to Simulate the Relationship Between Individuals and Others from Digital Pen Data

OUTLINE sdtech continues joint development with Wacom Co., Ltd., to explore the psychology of people found in digital pen data. At Connected Ink 2020, which was our third year of the exhibition, we created an artwork with a higher degree of abstraction under the concept of how individuals and others interact.

  Individuals and Group We all belong to various groups. Groups such as company, school, home, club activities, hobbies, religious, and local community. Even in our everyday environment, by just taking a step outside, we discover infinite possibilities out there. Once we find a comfortable place, we are free to stay or leave for another journey again. This artwork called "The Nomad", is created to help one's metacognition and leave with questions through a simulation by machine learning, rather than defining individual's characteristic types. The result of simulating the ambiguous inner-mind of a human is reflected as an abstract gesture visualization, and it is up to the person how to interpret it. Visitors will experience a moment to find and think about themselves through this digital interactive artwork.

  Machine Learning Model Development When experiencing this system users will first create an avatar to objectify themselves, and then have a short interaction with other avatars in a large, closed room. Using a digital pen, users will draw their avatar's face, choose hairstyle and clothes, and interact with other avatars; the pen pressure and trajectory data obtained from these actions are fed to machine learning behind the scenes. What is predicted here includes, but not limited to, the user's level of self-consciousness, reaction to external stimuli, willingness, and way of interacting with the others.

  After analyzing the pen data, the avatar is "transferred" to a dark horizon. The avatar reflecting yourself starts walking alone and begins to interact with the others, which from here and on it is let go of user's control; user can only watch the fate of his/her avatar as if looking at the fish in the aquarium from the outside. How will "you (avatar)" interact with the others and act in this virtual space?

  In this collaboration, sdtech was proud to be responsible of its concept development, UI design, and development of machine learning model and application.  

  Developer's Note In 2020, the pandemic of coronavirus brought a wave of non-face-to-face and remoteness to the manufacturing industries. Most of our machine learning data collection was carried out remotely as well; prior explanation, psychological questionnaires, tests, and post-interviews were conducted remotely through live video chat utilizing multiple cameras. During the Connected INK period, in addition to exhibiting at the online booth, we also carried a "live remote booth" at the venue in Shinjuku. It was a tough decision call to make as we greatly value opportunities to meet end users. Flexible remote booth, however, allowed our project members (working from home) to meet visitors at once and join discussions more than ever. It was a wonderful experience that foretold the arrival of a new era.