sdtech; delivering products, services and experiences with
high quality in use by "Design Engineering"

Make Every Interface User Friendly

sdtech is a professional team of "Design Engineering". We strive to deliver human interfaces - including between "people and products" and "people and experiences" - that will be reputed by users with our "Design Engineering", a way of working with a focus on co-operation in design and engineering.



Together, We Are with You from Inspiration to Reality

Our design is based on diverse expertise and experiences to best fit each needs and bring them to life with outstanding technology. We elevate quality in use by creating values through a team's solid co-operation with rapid cycles of ideation and implementation.



Functional Quality x Quality in Use x Usability

"Quality in Use" refers to a quality level of user experience in a certain situation based on standards such as "effectiveness", "efficiency", and "satisfactory".  We pursue "Human-Centered Design" with respect for each other's expertise and skills to advance not only functional quality but also quality in use and usability.