TRITO Comperio

A system building toolkit utilizing machine learning. A supporting environment designed to improve efficiency of the processes and data analyses, from data collection and learning to execution on target devices.


Making Data Collection and Annotation Easier

Collected data is preprocessed and teacher signals can easily be applied with dedicated tools.

Making the Trials and Errors of Learning Easier

Configure various preprocessing settings and algorithms in dedicated tools to facilitate trial and error of the learning process.

Testing Machine Learning Models

Run the developed machine learning model on a PC or a target device through a machine learning engine.  



Data Collection Application

An application that collects data from various sensors and performs preprocessing. It can be operated on smartphones and collects data from various sensors. The start/end of the collection can be instructed from the master controller operating on a PC.

Visual Annotation Tool

A dedicated tool used to apply teacher signals. The tool runs on web browsers. Teacher signals can be applied while verifying the collected videos and data.

  Users can easily set the teacher signal from the tool.


Visual Training Tool

A dedicated tool for learning. The tool runs on web browsers. Users can perform learning and analysis without coding.  


Standard Package Content

Data Collection Application
Visual Annotation Tool
Visual Training Tool
Machine learning engine

System Requirements

OS Windows 7 and later, Mac OS X and later, Linux
Supported Browsers Chrome recommended
Other An environment where node.js and Python3 can be run

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