An integrated environment that can evaluate elements constructing HMI, like for displays and HUD, by adjusting them in VR such as car interiors.


Cockpit Designing Simulator for Faster Trial and Error

Can verify and evaluate HMI in user's perspective by reproducing real-world environments such as car cockpits and store displays in VR. Flexibility of digital environment allows constant trial and error iteration for quality-in-use improvement.

Quick and Easy Usability Testing in VR

Easily import developed GUI applications into VR and can navigate through their HMI by using a controller.

Analyze and Evaluate User's Visual Line with Eye-tracking

Heat map obtained from the trajectory of the visual line can be utilized to verify and evaluate user's recognition, decision, and execution.  

  Use controllers to navigate through HMI in the VR. Can be used at any stage of a development process, such as for a quick check during early designing phase and a usability testing during final evaluation phase.

  You can grab the displaying area of HMI apps and adjust their position, size, and rotation.

  You can switch between day and night mode, as well as car models with a switch in the VR space.

  Use an eye-tracking device to overlay visual line movement as a heat map and store your cognitive behavior as data.


Standard Package Content

VR window capture module
Spherical Playback App (data viewer)
EyeTracking recording module
Heat map playback module
3D in-car verification app/data set (a sample application that enables UI/UX verification in a vehicle space)
3D room verification app/data set (a sample application for a simple room)
  * No hardware including PC/VR devices and eye-tracking devices are included * The 3D vehicle models and models of other companies shown in the VR application binary are not included in the source code * To modify with the supplied source code, you will need to obtain a license for Unity  

System Requirements

OS Windows 10
CPU Intel Core i7 equivalent
Memory 8GB or higher recommended
HDD 500GB or higher recommended
GPU GeForce GTX1070 or higher recommended
Supported VR Devices HTC VIVE Pro Eye
Recommended Monitor Size More than 1 full HD monitor (3 recommended)

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