Software Development for Karaoke Control Tablet ”JOYPad Kyoku-NAVI” (JR-P2000)

OUTLINE sdtech has designed, engineered and developed software for the Karaoke control tablet "JOYPad Koyku-NAVI" (JR-P2000) with the XING planning team. We involved from the device concept stage to overall development including feature proposal, requirements definition, UI/UX design, investigating design and software specification, implementation and evaluation. UI/UX Design Simple yet user friendly flat design. Our insightful approach has brought intuitive UI navigation for users. One of the key features we have introduced is the sensuous operability that allows users to easily add a song to the reservation list just by flicking.  



Today, we continue to provide high-quality software from UI/UX and service flow proposals to implementation and evaluation, to support and create new features for even more exciting Karaoke experience.