TRITO Video Effect

A video codec library that runs on embedded devices. Enables to composite videos over HMI elements to use as visual effects and UI parts.


Overlay and Play Videos with an Alpha Channel

By assigning independent alpha values to each pixel of the decoded images, users can overlay (composite) and render videos with alpha channels like animation cels.

High Quality Decoding

Renders with less block noise by using our proprietary compression technology instead of H.264 or MPEG4.

Fast Operation in Any Environment

Runs smoothly even on low-spec devices as an efficient algorithm is used.  



Standard Package Content

TRITO Video Effect library
Header file

Product Specification

Video File Format Proprietary compression format (.TVE)
Output Pixel Format RGBA8888
Supported File Format TIFF/PNG/TGA/BMP/AVI 2.0/Others

System Requirements

OS Windows 7 and later
CPU ARM Cortex-A8 equivalent or higher (NEON recommended)

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