BATS: Basemark Automotive Test Suite

sdtech supporting your HMI development with our partner product: Basemark Automotive Test Suite (BATS) from Basemark Oy (Finland, "Basemark"). Basemark Automotive Test Suite (BATS) is the essential performance evaluation tool for anyone choosing or developing an automotive SoC. BATS has been designed for the needs of automotive industry OEMs, suppliers and SoC & IP companies, helping to compare and evaluate performance of different SoCs uniformly without relying on SoC vendor benchmarks. It also contributes to the early detection of bottlenecks before and during the development of automotive HMIs. Basemark has a long experience in embedded and mission critical applications. Their expertise in benchmarking, graphics, and compute solutions offer a holistic solution for all levels autonomous drive ecosystem software and hardware development. Visit the Basemark Website :  

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Benefits of BATS for Automotive HMI Development

Basemark’s HMI Development experts will explain how BATS tool can be used to reduce time and cost in automotive HMI development projects.


What is BATS?

BATS is an evaluation tool that can objectively and quantitatively examine to select and validate the optimal processor/SoC for instrument cluster, IVI and autonomous drive systems. It enables analysis of required workloads on target SoC to optimize bill of material costs, power consumption, and performance capacity for both current and future roadmapped systems: greatly reducing the risk in R&D and sourcing.  

Performance Visualization

BATS is designed to provide objective data and enable a professional analysis of different SoCs to select the best match for R&D software specifications. It supports evaluating SoCs running on Windows, Linux and Android, and features real-life workloads for machine vision, instrument clusters and IVIs. Tests may be run in parallel to make deterministic system evaluations; for example adding L2 or L3 automation to an existing vehicle system with just one SoC or planning a new L4 or L5 autonomous system with multiple SoCs. BATS can also modify workloads and configurations to demonstrate how many screens, cameras, and algorithms can run simultaneously in a given system.

Testing "what-if" Scenarios

For example: 1) Ensure whether the current SoC will support your production roadmap in the future. 2) Facilitates parameter optimization in software development, in order to deliver on-time to the market.    

Future of HMI Development with sdtech and Basemark

Basemark has successfully partnered with world’s leading automotive OEMs and Tier 1 companies developing L4/L5 autonomous drive, in-cockpit AR applications, instrument clusters and IVIs for major car OEMs in Europe and North America. This experience and proven track record in developing industry standard performance measurement software led them to develop this high quality and relevant automotive SoC evaluation tools. sdtech partners with Basemark to provide the right, efficient tool that offers our clients a cutting-edge HMI experience in this increasingly complex HMI development.  

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Content of BATS 1.0

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BBATS supports a wide range of hardware and operating systems (OS). In order to run all the tests in the suite, OS and hardware with fully compliant support for the following is required.
OpenGL ES 3.1+
Vulkan 1.0+
Open GL ES 2.0 SC
Open CV 4.0+
Open CL 1.2+
※BATS is delivered as a C++ source code package with standard binaries including Android and Linux (x86-64, ARM64). ※Other binary deliverables and environments maybe agreed separately with each client.  

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※ Some contents on this page are reprinted, courtesy of Basemark.