President & Representative Director Kazuo Kawabata spoke at the Annual Conference 2021 (online) Hosted by Iasa Japan


On November 5, 2021, Kazuo Kawabata, President and Representative Director of sdtech, gave a session on “The Importance of CX/UX in the DX Age.”

The session contents were as follows, and they are linked to our YouTube channel for your view.

Part1 – What is Quality-in-Use? (4:02)
Part2 – What is UI/UX? (10:33)
Part3 – Is UX different from CX? (2:15)
Part4 – How to improve CX/UX | Application of a user-centered development (3:41)
Part5 – The Needs for Human-Centered Design (3:26)
Part6 – The importance of Design Engineering (7:46)