Machine Learning Engineer

You will be responsible of R&D using big data and machine learning in various projects. Including R&D to promote development of in-house products based on machine-learning.
Requirements - Experience in research with an approach using simulations calculated with computers, and basic knowledge on mathematical statistics and computer science
- Experience in programming using C/C++/Python, etc.
Preferred skills - Experience in researching machine learning, AI, etc. is a plus
Allowances Commuting allowance (based on actual expense), overtime allowance, and self-education support
How to apply Apply by entering your information to the form below. Our HR team will get in touch with you soon.
Please be advised that it may take time or we may not be able to respond depending on the contents of inquiry.

Application forms are accepted 24/7, and will be responded during our business hours.
Business Hours: [MON-FRI] 10:00 - 18:00 (excluding Sat, Sun, National Holidays, New Year's Holidays, and other public holidays determined by sdtech)

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