TRITO Video Effect

Video codec library for video editing with HMI

This is a library of video codec which runs smoothly on embedded devices.
Alpha blending by each drawn pixel enables overlay of various HMI elements, which allows creative effects on a video.


Alpha blending that enables overlay of video images
By assigning an independent alpha value to each pixel of the decoded images,video images can be overlaid on still images or video images like animation cells. This allows an application or GUI to present rich and effective display.
High quality decoding with less block noise
Using a proprietary compression technology different from H.264 and MPEG4, drawing has been enabled with less block noise.
A dedicated light algorithm that allows high speed operation on embedded devices
As the algorithm with smaller calculation load is used, the CPU load of the embedded device is also small.

Production process

Product specification

  • Video compression format: Proprietary
  • Output pixel format: RGBA8888
  • Code size: Approximately 1.1 MB (dependent on the compiler)
  • CPU: ARM Cortex-A8 equivalent or higher (NEON recommended), Intel Atom
  • Encoding source file format: TIFF, PNG, TGA, BMP (input as multiple still image file), AVI2.0, and others (dependent on the supported codec of DirectShow on your PC)

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