TRITO Tango can recognize the state of excitement of a user.

This product, which runs on TRITO Comperio, recognizes the state of excitement of a user.
By using the state of excitement recognized with biological information and machine learning, this product can be used for a live performance or for monitoring customers in a commercial facility, not only for onboard HMI.


  • The state of excitement can be recognized in 25 levels based on biological information (electro-cardiogram, pulse rate, acceleration, and environmental sound).
  • Linking with TRITO Comperio enables fine tuning for each application.
  • The state of excitement is visualized with a Web-based visual tool.
  • With the simple API, you can easily develop various applications.


By visualizing the state of excitement, you can add value to an existing service or create a new service or business that has never been existed. Linking humans with technology and production, we will further explore for ideas in our manufacturing.

Other features

  • Runs on TRITO Comperio.
  • Allows monitoring of the sensor data and the state of excitement in real time using a visual tool.
  • Linking with TRITO Comperio enables connection with a desired sensor.
  • A desired application can be linked via the UDP socket.

For the details of the product, contact us using the email form.