TRITO Comperio

TRITO Comperio is a tool kit to build a system leveraging machine learning.

All the steps including data collection, data analysis, learning, and implementation to a device are combined into a single series of process.


  • Expandable data collection tool supporting any types of sensors.
  • Visual tool which strongly supports data analysis and facilitates trial-and-error of learning.
  • Rich pre-processing library applicable to variety of cases.
  • Determination unit execution engine which facilitates operation on a device.

Other features

  • Connected to various sensors via UDP socket.
  • Saves collected data in csv and mp4 (video) formats.
  • Executes annotation and learning through a dedicated Web tool.
  • Supports any type and size of input data, and can execute any pre-processing for each data.
  • Output layer that has a desired number of nodes can be defined.

For the details of the product, contact us using the email form.