Knowledge Sharing #18


sdtech EVP/CTO, Hirotaka Suzuki, holds an internal knowledge sharing session for our members on irregular basis.

Topics of the session are not limited to “Design Engineering,” but also open to various genres including requests from members and new ideas from EVP/CTO Hirotaka Suzuki.



The topics were “Training Report” by our 2 new members and “Thinking logically about things in probability and figures (Part 1/2)” by EVP/CTO Hirotaka Suzuki. 2 of the 4 new recruits who joined us this year gave a presentation about the new employee training they participated in. At sdtech, both engineers and designers participate in the training together to foster better understanding in both fields.


The lecture held by EVP/CTO Hirotaka Suzuki covered the activities of the previous year for new recruits as well as how to think logically without being misled by numbers.



Today’s catered lunch was a European-style curry from Aubergine, a curry restaurant sdtech frequently orders from. The sweetness of the curry roux was very flavorsome.