Thank you for visiting sdtech booth at “Automotive Engineering Exposition 2017” in Yokohama

We thank all the visitors for taking their time to visit our booth at “Automotive Engineering Exposition 2017 Yokohama”, held at PACIFICO YOKOHAMA, from Wednesday, May 24 through Friday, May 26, 2017.
We hope you thoroughly enjoyed your visit and our hospitality.
The exhibition was a great success for sdtech and gave us the opportunity to showcase all our successful services and products, which generated a great interest.

The following were demos shown at the event.
■ Driver Adaptive HMI System
A Simulator demo which the drivers’ state (stress level) is continuously monitored as to pupil, line of sight, heart rate, and CAN data, to reflect HMI style suitable for each driver.
■ Linkage
A tool set for efficient HMI development from the upstream processes to the mass production development. Workable on design tools commonly used by designers and engineers.
■ Linkage + VR
A VR cockpit demo that allows to verify and evaluate usability of HMI developed with “Linkage” within the VR environment.