Design Engineering

sdtech = Sustainable + Design & Technology

Today, design and software technology are playing more important roles than before in development of various products and services both domestically in Japan and globally. As a software vendor, we support such needs with our design-engineering approach based on human factors. We pursue to innovate sustainable technologies that will be appreciated for many years to come.

Interface Design To ensure quality solutions, our products are designed with our expertise in design consulting and through a design process based on human-centered design.
Visualize We assign our design experts in various genre to the right positions and create products with appealing design, animation, and interaction regardless of the environment.
Programming We have long been engaged in providing design solutions for various industries. Since we have deep understanding in it, our engineers work closely with UI/UX designers, and can offer the best method for designers to create HMI with expected performance efficiently, including kind of graphic data to be created and technique to be used.

Our Company Logo

“Symbol of Balance” – Representing the Three Business Principles

We adopted “Taketombo (a small Japanese toy made of bamboo that flies when spun between the palms of one’s hands)” as the brand mark. Taketombo is enjoyed by all ages with its simple yet profound design, which embodies our company values and goals.

It symbolizes our approach to reach the goal of create well-balanced products that easily understood and appreciated by all the people, in which “Management” supports the wings of “Design” (manufacturing) and “Engineering” (technology).

Also, our motif “Taketombo” is said to be created and made popular by Hiraga Gennai, also known as Da Vinci or Edison of Japan. Hiraga Gennai was a scientist, engineer and artist, who was a pioneer of “design engineering”, which we value within our company culture.

We strive to be a company that challenges in making of profound and abstruse products like “moment of force” of Taketombo.