Message from the President

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I have consistently worked in the field of user interface (UI).

UI needs human-centered design which links a function with what a user wants to do or what a user wants to be done, not just making a user to use a function.

There are many designers in Japan who can understand the essence and clarify the aim defining concepts to create excellent upstream design. However, design is not connected with engineering. Output (product) that the designer can be satisfied with, or let alone a product that can exceed the designer’s expectation, does not exist.

A great chasm exists between the designer and the engineer, which causes products to be made without integrating design and technology. Even excellent design is not reflected in the final product. Thus, Japanese design is not highly evaluated.

On the other hand, what is the situation in Europe or United States, which are known for outstanding design? In most cases, design and technology in manufacturing are integrated. Why?

Because design companies in Europe or United States have engineers as well as designers, and they work together as a team. Since design and technology are shared and connected effectively, design is exalted into the product.

In Japan, a company where designers and engineers work together from the upstream design to the final output does not exist. Hence, none can compete with a design company in the Europe or United States. Is this right?

This is an unfortunate situation also for excellent engineers. Unless excellent technology is combined with excellent design, it cannot show its charm, and it is impossible to get high evaluation.

I am an engineer. Since I have been involved in UI, for which design is critical, for a long time, I believe designers and engineers should work together as a team. This is why I founded sdtech to promote “design engineering” in which design and engineering are integrated.

At sdtech, design and engineering are not split. Design engineering, in which these two are integrated, sublimates the design into products. Thus, the products can provide users with high value and joy of using them.

As well as providing excellent design, sdtech proposes the possibility for new design leveraging excellent technology, while providing technology which enhances the charm of design.

sdtech contributes to the community with design engineering.

October 17, 2016

sdtech Inc.
Kazuo Kawabata
President and Representative Director